Quality System

Luoyang Advanced Molybdenum Co.,Ltd. has implemented a variety of certified management systems to ensure the consistent high quality of our products.
Our production and quality testing are conducted in compliance with the ISO9001 standard management system to ensure consistent high-quality products.
We maintain strict control over our production processes, from the selection of raw materials to pressing, sintering, and forming, to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and provide reliable performance.
We understand the importance of product quality, and therefore, we strictly control the entire production process from raw materials to forming. Additionally, we can also arrange for professional evaluation agencies to conduct testing upon the request of our customers. We routinely carry out SGS, MSDS, and ROHS testing, and provide COA, COC, and other test reports to support our products.
We are committed to ensuring that our products meet all applicable local laws and regulations, and we have established strict quality control procedures to ensure compliance with these requirements.

We conduct an inspection on incoming raw material powder
We implement strict quality control measures for both the raw material powder and the sintered slab to ensure the quality of our products.
Manage the quality system of suppliers.

Metallographic analysis is conducted to study the microstructure of a material, which helps to evaluate its mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.
To prevent the occurrence of batches of products that do not meet the required standards.

To inspect the internal structure.
To ensure that only qualified products enter the next process.

To inspect the appearance and dimensions of the finished product.
To ensure the quality of the packaging.

Dimension and appearance inspection of finished products
Inspection of packing
Metallographic analysis
Internal structural inspection
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