Heat Treatment
We conduct strict testing on raw materials to ensure that each batch meets our production requirements.
The mixture of pure molybdenum powder or molybdenum powder with possible alloy elements is filled into molds, and then compacted using isostatic pressing equipment.
The compacted material is subsequently sintered in specialized furnaces at temperatures exceeding 2000°C, where it acquires its density and microstructure.
We use forging and rolling forming methods to manufacture materials with special properties, which exhibit excellent thermal stability, hardness, or flow characteristics.
To enhance the performance of the product, we use corresponding heat treatment methods based on its intended use. This helps to consolidate and improve its properties.
We use mechanical processing methods to ensure that our products meet industrial use standards, including requirements for product dimensions, tolerances, surface conditions, and internal structure.
We conduct strict testing on the appearance, size, and internal structure of the finished product to ensure the stability and consistency of the product quality.
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